Eco Range – recycled wicking planter boxes

Feiss Furniture has been delighted to work with Sara Hill from Connect Sustainability – Go & Grow Garden Boxes in the construction of beautiful wicking planter boxes using predominantly recycled products.

Turning second-hand building material, that may otherwise have been sent to landfill, into such a functional product which encourages the community to grow fresh produce for themselves and/or their neighbours is truly satisfying. The wicking design of the Go & Grow Garden Boxes ensures plants have the optimum growing conditions year-round.

Here is a little from Sara Hill of Connect Sustainability – Go & Grow Garden Boxes

“A key aim of the project is to enable a healthier future by supporting the community to grow and share healthy food. Through my business Connect Sustainability in collaboration with Feiss Furniture, I am excited to be able to contribute high quality wicking gardens made from recycled materials to support initiatives such as the Edible Oasis Project and the Bendigo Regional Food Alliance. I have a long standing desire to work to generate positive environmental, social and economic outcomes for myself and the community in which I live. These wicking gardens are water efficient, mainly made from recycled materials and are at a comfortable working height.  They make growing easy!

A key feature of the gardens is that the external box is made from carefully selected recycled hardwood by Feiss Furniture as part of their Eco Range. Our latest batch of timber was rescued from the RSL hall opposite Myer in Bendigo and was originally milled by the Huon Timber Co. over 100 years ago. It’s fantastic to see this beautiful and hard-wearing timber being used in our boxes rather than being sent to landfill!”

You can check out some Go & Grow Garden Boxes currently located outside Bendigo businesses such as the Discovery Science & Technology Centre, The Good Loaf and Hunt Gather Grow. The Edible Oasis Project provides Go & Grow Garden Boxes to schools to help educate our children about healthy eating and sustainable living. Well done Sara!

Wicking Planter Box – shell complete!